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By Corina Zurcher

those that have ears, allow them to hear…angels exist within the world—both the heavenly ones and the fallen ones. whilst so much examine Hell's Angels, just one involves brain. yet there are lots of greater than the single, they usually all resolution to him. And he wishes you—all of you. He…sees…you…

With the beginning of the antichrist, the archangel Gabriel buries her trumpet within the jap wasteland. Sealed in a golden ark, secure by means of engravings of strong cherubim, no different angel can contact its steel for worry of being solid into the Lake of fireside all the time. just a mortal can open the ark and play the trumpet's song.
whilst Jonathan Devereaux accepts the devil's invitation to assist the fallen angels resurrect the trumpet, the archangels descend from heaven to struggle opposed to the underworld to retrieve the software from the inferno sooner than the ultimate track is performed. For Gabriel's trumpet isn't any traditional software. It heralds the seven plagues of Armageddon...

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